Smart factory data management system

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Smart factory data management system
  The equipment data acquisition system applicable to the wisdom of the factory, the wisdom of factory automation manufacturing equipment such as production line, machine vision, robotics, CNC equipment, automatic control equipment, AGV car, warehouse etc. by industrial field bus network, real-time acquisition and real-time monitoring of equipment status information and production data, for production management system (MES/ERP/CIMS) to provide accurate basic data platform.

System advantage


Based on the industry 4 architecture, the interconnection technology is used to build the equipment data collection system to build a visual intelligent factory

Based on the windows system, all the data are stored in the real-time library and the history library, and the industrial data cloud platform is built to provide accurate and reliable data source for MES

Openness and flexibility: integrating various communication interfaces and various communication protocols, such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, OPC, etc., to realize "free talk" among various devices"

Real time: field bus speed of up to 1000M, real-time acquisition of machine equipment running state, output information, alarm information and energy consumption data

Advanced analysis function: analysis of each machine's plan and actual output, operation, alarm, utilization rate, rate of achievement and so on

Flexible form of presentation: use of reports, histograms, trend charts and other forms of all-round online display

With the architecture of C/S and B/S and VNC technology, remote monitoring operation can be realized by PC, touch screen, tablet, mobile phone and other terminals


Customer value


Control the production of machine equipment at any time and place. According to the trend and alarm information, we can find the equipment failure and production bottleneck in time, optimize the production process

Through data information, establish production traceability system to improve product quality

The production time, energy cost and unit cost are obtained in real time to provide assistant means for production decision

Reduce the probability of equipment unexpected downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, reduce labor costs, reduce energy consumption and raw material costs

Improve equipment utilization, improve production efficiency, improve management efficiency

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