Congratulations on the successful trial run of the small tonnage steering axle assembly line of Anqing axle plant (source: Anqing railway bridge website)


"Easy to operate", "work while walking distance shortened", "balance", "Jin province lifting torque value data records more assured"... This is... In Anqing bridge factory assembly operation site, small tonnage steering axle assembly personnel have expressed the new body of feeling. On November 15th at 8:58 in the morning, with the assembly inspection successfully launched the first K series of steering bridge, Anqing bridge factory of small tonnage steering axle assembly line test run, marking two years of "big logistics" layout project results will promote effectively enhance the whole process equipment and site management level.

Small tonnage steering axle assembly line is Anqing's first axle factory assembly line, the Ministry of development planning and advanced manufacturing research institute under the support of the line to change the past "spread" assembly, composed of double chain, the end of the line and lift the rotary tray line, assembly process. And beat, automatic operation, flexible change of production; the automatic tightening machine, multi axis parallel measurement and online data recording equipment, control of key process quality; pressing machine, labor turnover, cylinder floating installation device using on-line balance hanger, reduce labor intensity, and the introduction of technology and equipment. Promote the technology and equipment level of Anqing Bridge factory to streamline, Jidoka, JIT, informatization "direction of promotion, at the same time, the line test run, marking With "blanking, welding, painting, machining, assembly" as the main line of technology, the "U" shape large logistics layout entered the finishing stage.

On the day of the class after the summary of the meeting, project team in a timely manner to the commissioning process summarize the pros and cons, clear tomorrow and the next day and the subsequent direction, agreed that: the line test run is just the beginning, around the streamline operation, also need to improve the material distribution rules, container scheduling mode, and the articles in the scene set, abnormal problems and bad product processing, change management and other aspects to enhance the management level, at the same time, need to continue to carry out process optimization and operation balance, to maximize the efficiency and value of the line, to build the model line, Anqing bridge factory intelligent manufacturing solid, sustained and further lay a solid foundation.