about us

about us

    Beijing Yongchuangda Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd., as high-tech enterprise in China, focuses on serving automobile, motorcycle, internal combustion engine, engineering machinery and other industries as well as fields like petrochemical engineering. Especially for automatic assembly line for automobile industry, it has accumulated rich experience in model selection and system integration of production assembly line, and has successfully applied to practical assembly production line.

 Since establishment, Beijing Yongchuangda Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd. has been devoted to refine assembly and providing customers with the most excellent product and quality service all the time, and has gradually developed in the market competition. It respectively has branches and offices in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, Wuhan of Hubei Province, Weifang of Shandong Province and Tianjin.

    It has refined assembly line, and design, manufacturing, installation and adjustment of line equipment. It is not only an equipment supplier, but also devotes itself to being an expert in solving assembly problems for manufacturing enterprises! With service concepts of “preciseness, integrity, innovation and first class” always as its development purpose, it along with many of its domestic branches and offices, has kept close and cordial cooperation with world famous common industrial enterprises, and has in-depth understanding of production and assembly technology in manufacturing industry. Its superior service awareness and service level have won universal praise in the industry.

    At present, main business of Beijing Yongchuangda Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd. can be classified into the below: design and manufacturing of refined assembling line, design and manufacturing of professional line equipment, industrial equipment and industrial tool, professional equipment maintenance and service. It has been striving for exploration in technological creation and reform. Now it has carried out friendly technical exchange and cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology in production, learning and research, and has achieved much precious experience and successful cases in testing equipments like gearbox and axle. In September 2012, it has passed quality management system certification ISO9001:2008. Selection of Beijing Yongchuangda Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd. and its products not only means precision, durability and efficiency, but more importantly, means you have chosen a reputable partner who will accompany you to success. All employees in the company, no matter sales engineer, technical engineer or service engineer, will be wholeheartedly working on your career and making efforts to create the highest production efficiency and classic assembly quality for you.

    It is one of the early enterprises which are engaged in development and application of automation equipment. As for its self-developed automation equipments, they cover automatic assembling line, automatic product detection line, automatic checking production line and other complete equipments. It mainly targets at industries like assembly and detection of auto parts and low-voltage apparatus, and exclusive assembly machine in common industry as well as complete equipments in other industries. Its products consist of  automobile engine, gearbox, axle, brake system, suspension system, air condition compressor, booster, various sensors, valve, and generator as well as starting engine with strong market competiveness. Besides, it has formed complete product system of technology development, product research and training service.